Rubbish removal just got easy! Tow a skip is on wheels, so easily manoeuvrable. We can put them where you want them. We've added some zip to the skip!

In 2023 we achieved our goal of recycling over 700 tonnes of waste.
We avoided 33 Million metric tons of GHG emissions and the numbers are growing.
Provided over 2200 collection containers for recycled wasted and to meet our customer's needs.
We saved 100 million trees by recycling old paper products and cardboard.

Skips don't need to be messy

No skip? No problem!

Lockable Lids
We provide fully lockable lids for peace of mind, to make sure it is only your rubbish we are disposing of.
No Permit Required
All of our skips can be parked on roads without the need for expensive council permits.
Doesn't Damage
Unlike conventional skips, ours are on wheels so they cause no damage when being delivered.
Go Anywhere!
Closer to your door? No problem! Unlike a conventional skip supplier, we can deliver skips to spots other can’t!
Let us do the heavy lifting.

Delivering our skip on wheels to your home is a convenient and efficient way to facilitate waste removal. Our experienced team takes pride in ensuring a hassle-free process. Upon receiving the your request, we promptly dispatch our well-maintained tow-a-skip service to your doorstep, saving you the trouble of arranging transportation. Our professional drivers handle the delivery with care, placing the skip exactly where the you need it, making loading and unloading a breeze. It's a seamless solution that combines convenience and reliability, simplifying waste disposal for our valued customers.

When you take charge and starts loading a skip with unwanted items, it's a proactive step toward decluttering and responsible waste management. It's a process that reflects their commitment to a cleaner and more organised space. As they carefully sort through their possessions, deciding what to discard, they contribute to recycling and reducing landfill waste. With each item placed in the skip, they are not only reclaiming space but also playing a role in environmental sustainability. It's a commendable effort that aligns with our shared goal of making a positive impact on our surroundings, one skip at a time.

Collecting a skip on wheels marks the final step in our waste removal service. Our skilled team arrives promptly at the designated time to retrieve the filled skip. With utmost care and efficiency, we secure the skip onto our vehicle, ensuring that no waste is left behind. This process not only simplifies waste disposal for our customers but also underscores our commitment to responsible waste management. As we drive away with the filled skip, we take pride in knowing that we are helping our customers maintain clean and clutter-free spaces while also contributing to a greener environment through proper waste disposal.

A customer's happiness upon seeing all their waste successfully removed is truly gratifying. It's a moment of relief and satisfaction, knowing that their space is now free from clutter and waste. This joy reflects the peace of mind that comes with responsible waste management. It signifies a fresh start, a cleaner environment, and a sense of accomplishment in contributing to sustainability. At Cam Recycling Services, we take pride in delivering this contentment to our customers, knowing that we've played a part in making their lives easier and their surroundings cleaner.

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